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Gillian Chvat Jewelry


A selection of jewelry and products created by internationally-known designer Gillian Chvat will be on sale from July 17-Aug. 9



Chvat’s work as a designer began when she left Australia and settled in Auroville, India, in 1977.  She opened a design studio called Gillian of Gillian, where her cuffs and original hand-beaded jewelry pieces are made. Her jewelry can also be seen at the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC.


  Women in Chvat’s village are employed to handcraft Chvat’s beaded jewelry and, in a country where few women have an income, live better lives due to their work.  


  Jewelry is not the only item Chvat sells. She also makes hand-beaded table runners and wall tapestries that will be included in the trunk show.


 To see more of Chvat’s work, go to