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My World

Enter the world of Joann Narkis – creator of The Joanna John Collection…

The inspiration for The Joanna John Collection comes from many places … special fabrics I see, one-of-a-kind shirts, jackets or scarves that I can picture in my mind’s eye being worn by my favorite clients – probably women a lot like you, who desire stylish clothes with an edge – and that you won’t see off the rack at a department store.

My passion is dressing well – and helping my clients do likewise – whether you are going to a special gala or driving around town doing errands. It’s always in our best interest to look good – you never know whom you are going to meet.

Some of my favorite things…. Great shoes that look terrific with pants or dresses, and that you can wear all day!

Beautiful scarves that can dress up the most casual outfit…

Black and white… when worn well…

Beautiful accessories….

My real passion is having a client come into The Joanna John Collection shop with one of her favorite pieces from home and having me create an entire ensemble around it…. And then having her tell me later that everyone wanted to know where she shops….

That’s the secret of The Joanna John Collection – my passion nurturing your own fashion personality – so that you look great – and look like no one else! Just yourself – but better!

Cheers, Joann Narkis

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