The Four Steps to Build an Exclusive One-of-a-Kind Wardrobe

Putting all the horrible impact fast fashion has on people, animals and our planet to the side for a second, it’s also destructive to personal expression. Fashion is such a beautiful thing: an incredible industry allowing people to showcase unique personalities through unique clothing. Fast fashion is the absolute opposite of unique. For the most part, those brands steal designs from luxury labels and runways and mass produce WAY too many cheapo copies that we’re expected to buy… and express ourselves with. Not a whole lot of expressing can happen with a top that half of the world is wearing. So isn’t it the dream to have a closet full of unique pieces that are exclusive to YOU and YOUR PERSONALITY? Let’s dig into how you can achieve that.  

When I bring this topic up to friends and family, the typical feedback I get is “exclusive pieces are too expensive”. False.

Another piece of feedback I get is “it’s convenient to shop fast fashion”. True, but not a reason to continue down that path.

Just like with anything else in life, building a unique wardrobe (or quitting fast fashion) requires certain changes of habits, and in this case: shopping habits. This is where people who don’t respond well to change usually have a hard time and reply with the feedback above. But no pain, no gain, my fashionable squad… That sounds a tad too dramatic, there’s no pain here; just some brand new lifestyle choices.  

So, here go my 4 rules to having a unique closet that, sure, may not be as convenient as running into 1 of the 20 H&Ms around the corner, but a much better and a much cooler fashion alternative for everyone involved. And you won’t need to sell everything you own to follow.

This is where that whole convenience thing comes into the picture. Building a cool unique closet is anything BUT convenient. No one hands over the info of when, where and how much; you have put in the time and effort to research yourself. 

Do Your Research

You would need to research the brand’s inventory rotation. How often do they get new stuff and how many of each item do they produce? Email brands you like and ask questions. Inquire what their policies are and how and why they produce their designs. Usually, brands will respond to your emails because they want your business and good reviews. Brands that don’t mass produce clothes will usually brag about this fact on their website. Why wouldn’t they!? At the end of the day, creating exclusive pieces is an amazing marketing play. 



This isn’t for everyone, but if you got that sewing talent, then you’re guaranteed an amazing closet that literally no one else can buy, find or make

And it is 100% reflective of your personality

I envy people who can make their own clothes because you are literally materializing a vision and creating a look that is exactly how you imagined it. You don’t just settle for something already available on a mannequin and that is incredible.

Hand made items will also always have the perfect tailored fit for your height and weight, which is a common issue with fast fashion clothing: even if something looks ok on a hanger, it often won’t fit very well.

Shop Small Local/ International Brands 

This last one ties directly into doing your own research, and this is where I would like to encourage everyone to think outside the box.

Venture out of the usual Gap-Loft-Zara loop and you’ll find some incredible small creative brands that would impress you, if not more, then just as much as your usual go-to fast fashion stores.

Research small labels/brands, who actually need your support and exposure and who don’t mass produce their pieces for the whole world to wear.

For this post, I decided to wear a dress by a sweater by Aldomartins, who’s pieces are nothing short of “art clothing” and feature hand drawn, easily distinguishable designs. The designer blurrs the line between traditional art you’d hang on a wall and fashion, creating uber unique clothing that is pretty much as close to one-of-a-kind as you can get.

I often look for small high-end brands to shop because A.: I want something unique and love the feeling of supporting local brands that often don’t get the attention they deserve and B.: I often notice local brands produce some truly amazing high-quality clothes because they really think outside the box.