The JoannaJohn Collection

Reversible Jacket Long One Button Coat

$840.00 USD

When I traveled to India a few years ago, I found myself drawn to the detail and beauty of vintage dowry quilts. This fascination has now become the foundation for The Joanna John Collection located in Woodbury CT. Anyone with an interest in textiles - the purist or the fashionista will understand the magnetism of these dowry quilts from which most of our coats and jackets are made.

Traditionally, a quilt is given by the parents of the bride to their daughter on her wedding day. These quilts are meaningful in various ways. First, they are typically the only gift of value handed down from mother to daughter. Secondly,they are treasured as fine works of art, and in some cases, they become treasured family pieces that can be handed down to the next generation.

Historically, women made the quilts. It could be a mother and daughter, but most often a grandmothers and other close female family members joined the circle where they sat and worked slowly during the long process. As they pieced and sewed, they shared family stories. It is believed that during these sewing and embroidery sessions, the love that drew the group together was somehow transposed to the quilt. Their loving bond became spiritually imbued into the quilt.

Today, some of our admirers have described the resulting coats and jackets as "couture". Perhaps it is our intensely handmade combination of old and new that makes the textiles and ultimately the finished product so attractive. We strive to make clothing that is as treasured as the original dowry goods, objects that justify the "treasuring impulse" in all of us.

Each is one-of-a-Kind and reversible so you can SUIT YOUR MOOD.

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